onsdag 9. mai 2012

Det gyldne snitt / The Rule of Thirds

Kategori / Category - Med pels eller fjær / With fur or feathers

5 kommentarer:

shaker sa...

It's brilliant !

Genie sa...

I love the rule of thirds....This gal is trying to take up 2/3 though. She is one fat gal. I always wonder how they can keep their balance on those steel grassy hills. Great shot. genie

Céline sa...

Nice shot! Good luck!

Monica sa...

Wow! Dette er jo fantastisk, Rune! Så kult, og med ditto flott tittel!

Anonym sa...

Congratulations Rune,
Your cow is the big winner for this weeks technique challenge.
Love the composition of your pic.
Love also how fun it is!.
Well done!